Blackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin Tool

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Blackhead Remover Skin Care Face Clean Pore Vacuum Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Dermabrasion Tool Machine

Item 1:
5 Adjustable Suction Force with One-click Design: Pore Vacuum Physical Suction Design from Level1 to Level 5 suction force to meet different facial needs. One-Click design to change the force and long press to shut down the device.
5 Replaceable Suction Heads for Different Skin Needs: provide 5 professional suction heads for different skin conditions. Choice different heads size to fit different face areas. To be your professional home SPA skin care tools.
Exclusive Beauty Lamp Functions: it’s the upgrade blackhead remover, add BEAUTY LAMP function. The beauty lamp pattern can be opened simultaneously with facial care. RED LAMP-promote collagen regeneration, tender skin, restore skin elasticity; GREEN LAMP-decompose melanin, bright skin whitening, let skin return water tender and transparent; BLUE LAMP-antiphlogistic and sterilization, the inhibition of skin secretion, repair skin problem of rough and damage.
Blackhead Problems Solved: Coarse pore, rough skin, dark skin, exfoliates dead skin, blackhead and pores of skin, dirt nose, Firm and Improves skin elasticity. Easily cleans up the blackhead, Removes dirt grease inside pores, reduces dead skin and fine lines, massage and tighten the skin.
Built-in 500mAh Battery, Rechargeable USB charging.
✔ Please don’t suction on the same area all the time, it will make the skin swell. If the skin swells, stop using immediately.
✔ Before using the product, use hot steamer or hot towel or blackhead remover gel/cream on your skin for 5 minutes to completely open your pores first to ensure the best performance of the product.
How to use?
STEP 1: Clean your face, use the blackhead Export liquid or facial steamer to open the pore.
STEP 2: According to your requirements, choose among the Five Level Suction. Start with the lowest.
STEP 3: Move the blackhead cleanser back and forth around the pore with a constant speed, slowly move, do not stay in one place for too long to avoid injury, and do not press it hardly or pull vertically.
STEP 4: After washing your face, please use ice towel or cold water or shrinking liquid to restore the treated pore.
Package Included:
1 x Blackhead Remover
5 x Probe
1 x USB Charge Cable
1 x Facial Cleansing Pad
1 x Pack of Isolation Pads
1 x Manual
Blackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin Tool
Blackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin Tool
Blackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin Tool
Blackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin Tool
Blackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin Tool
Blackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin Tool
Blackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin Tool
Blackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin Tool
Blackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin Tool
Item 2:
Blackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin ToolBlackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin ToolBlackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin ToolBlackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin ToolBlackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin ToolBlackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin ToolBlackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin ToolBlackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin Tool
Item 3:
1. Remove Blackhead, deeply clean face,rechargeable
2. For acne, pimple skin treatment
3. Treatment for the sagging skin and wrinkle, skin Rejuvenation
4. Treatment for the stain and dull skin, reduce skin hyperpigmentation
Blackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin ToolBlackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin ToolBlackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin ToolBlackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin ToolBlackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin ToolBlackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin ToolBlackhead Remover Face Deep Nose Cleaner T Zone Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Clean Skin Tool


Power Source

Rechargeable Battery

Model Number



Facial Clean

Manufacturing Process

Machine Made


Comedo Blackhead Vacuum Suction

Item Name

Pore Vacuum Suction Beauty Machine

Feature 1

Remove Blackhead, Repair pit, Remove Acne

Feature 2

Skin Rejuvenation, Exfoliating Scrub

Feature 3

Facial Deep Cleansing, Pores Deep Cleansing


For blackhead remover vacuum

Blackhead vacuum

Diamond Microdermabrasion Skin Peeling

Dermabrasion Peeling

Dead Skin Removal Peeling

Diamond Dermabrasion

Blackhead Removal Beauty Machine




Blackhead Removal device

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  1. L***s

    Third time ordering. Fast and reliable each time. Highly recommend


  2. M***a

    Everything came safe and sound. The parcel came from Russia, brought by courier.


  3. Customer

    Is the following, I bought the more powerful, because have those deep blackheads staying with the tips dark… To speak the truth, this remover removes a good part of nails, mainly the small and surface that are more difficult to take with nails, making a constant treatment u can have a great result, the deepest not come off easily, at least in my case. If you are with a buck left, make the investment. Obviously not expect it to do a job as pictures product description. And be careful because I used the vacuum and stayed with the purple face three days


  4. Customer

    True to the description and sent in 2 weeks


  5. Customer

    Came from a warehouse in Moscow by courier. Average speed. But in comparison with the fact that parcels from mainland China have quite risen, is not bad. Honey. Ladies. Already charged. The living object has not yet been checked. Scariovastenko.; o) The description corresponds completely. P. S. If the potscient after the strain survives-we will complete the review.


  6. H***i

    Suction once strong and excellent Jeddah. When used, do not press it on the strongest thing as red marks do not work in the face of the suction force sit days Put it on 1 or 2 with a lot


  7. E***a

    Product arrived very quickly, very well packed, recommended!!


  8. R***D

    Absolutely amazing! Gets rid of all the buildup and gunk out of pores


  9. R***g

    The steamer listed was not a steamer. It is a nano water spray and produce cold air


  10. V***a

    I ‘ve already tried it, and the truth is that if it removes dirt from your face, and it has good absorption, but not enough for him to be able to remove the black dots, it just takes a little dirt away from you.


  11. 3***3

    Thank you, it came quickly. Sucks is not particularly, you need to hold for a long time, who has a soft or tender skin for a long time, otherwise the red salmon will appear. Works and charges, many attachments. I will add the photo later if possible.


  12. P***r

    Shipping rapid. Czekałam raptem week for delivery. Works sensationally. Recommend


  13. T***n

    My order was shipped very fast and I love it! I might order another soon!


  14. V***a

    It’s going very well, you have to be careful because it does bruises. For people with perfect ds oily skin!


  15. F***r

    Excellent very good quality the truth I tried and extract very well and very well packed and I get super fast


  16. S***

    Très bon article, thanks to the stores


  17. G***r

    It came quickly, courier to the door. Works, pulls weakly, but probably need to recharge. Later I will add a review


  18. Customer

    Very fast delivery (7 days) well-made and packaged, works flawlessly. Recommend


  19. I***l

    great product and packaging! Received it fairly quickly and couldn’t be happier.


  20. U***c

    struggled with blackheads forever, I was desperate to find a product that helped. I have only used once after a shower and I was pleasantly surprised how much it removed! So satisfying and extremely happy I purchased this.


  21. N***h

    I put 4 star because not yet try but the delivery arrived in 5 days only it’s top


  22. V***a

    It came quickly, delivered the courier, went from Russia. It came packed in a box. Instruction in the box, in English. I did not communicate with the store. I have not used it yet, then I will add a review.


  23. D***a

    Arrived fast, conditions and the product is as described. Recommend


  24. J***c

    Everything Look great, now will see does work good 🙂 shipping was slow Because virus


  25. Customer

    Shipping Express. Product works. Super


  26. A***a

    Delivery 6 days by courier at home


  27. N***z

    It’s really good. Has good suction and it looks nice


  28. Y***a

    Arrived fast, it works great!!! Thank you


  29. U***s

    Really works! Love this


  30. L***d

    Book in 16 days in the South of France. The box was in good condition. The device is of good quality and works super well. It comes with an English instruction manual and refills. I’m really happy!


  31. Customer

    He came too fast, I loved him.


  32. P***a

    Order came after 3 wks. Works, not damaged, already after the first use I calmly say that meets your role. As most recommend this product and this salesman.


  33. D***a

    very slow delivery. came for 3 weeks and it’s from UK warehouse… otherwise the product is good and is doing exactly what it says.


  34. V***a

    I am very satisfied with the product. Delivery to the Czech Republic took approximately one month. The device has its charging cable and foam pads for replacement. Protects the device from contamination. Five degrees of suction is great.


  35. Customer

    Shipment 20 days to Germany. Nice product, I have not yet used it.


  36. R***d

    Great, very very fast delivery, thank you the store


  37. Customer

    Shipping 35 days. The goods were tracked. The device has 5 speeds, 3 colors of decorative illumination (red, blue and green). 5 replaceable nozzles + consumables (filters, O-rings). Immediately charged and ready for use-perfectly copes with its purpose. Just do not overdo it in one place. Personally, after the first use of the nose turned into a plum;-). The product is quality, the store is responsible, I recommend.


  38. Customer

    Good product, super effective. I’m the kind And I clean my face with detail in the morning and night and yet I was impressed with how well remove the dirt, amazing product I recommend. Thanks to the store. And shipping very fast❤️


  39. E***

    Perfect! Machine of very good quality remains more than to try


  40. Customer

    The Blackhead remover works really well, so well that it leaves red marks on your face. It sucks up your skin so much that it left me with a hickey in the middle of my face. Make sure to use directly after your shower or when you have your pores open to avoid any red marks. DO NOT use it on dry skin as it leaves red marks!


  41. M***d

    The store sent the order very quickly, but it took almost two months to wait, even opened a dispute. The seller asked to wait. As a result, the parcel came and I’m very happy. The goods came in intact, all the details are in place. Works perfectly, already tried, on the last photo the result. Has three levels, if you do everything according to the instructions, the skin will not hurt, if you leave on the skin too long will be a small bruise. I used the second level to start so that the skin is used and everything is fine. I advise you to order.


  42. Customer

    It goes very well, with the first speed is more than enough, it removes impurities and leaves your face soft, very good product for price


  43. F***j

    Amazing! I did not think it would work but if it’s really great, arrived in 15 days. I recommend!


  44. Customer

    Everything great in 1 week has come to me is excellent it takes everything very good I recommend to 100% to the store


  45. N***n

    The order went a month to Tatarstan, the store sent immediately, the track is tracked all the way. The parcel arrived without any protection, but at the same time a whole. Complete set, instruction on Ingress, as for its task-fat sucks well. Never used such things, compare with nothing. Immediately I will say, this thing does not remove acne, or rather, on the power at which there are no bruises. Therefore, do not wait for miracles, although people with oily skin (like my boyfriend) will go just as an alternative to clay masks, if you use regularly. To remove acne and acne or contact a cosmetologist, or with your own hands, the device is more like a supporting measure.


  46. V***t

    The order to Ukraine reached exactly a month, the box was securely sealed without any damage. From the product itself, I was delighted, I tried it on myself and it really works. Of course I advise!


  47. U***r

    It’s has a really powerful suction that suctions a lot of the blackheads I had. I love the different heads that was included. Though it did left my cheeks red it’s a great product.


  48. M***a

    Box a little scashed but not much. Perfect tracking. And it’s all very well to prove it.


  49. K***l

    Wow! First of all theres no problem about the packaging, second the item itself looks like it works really good lastly the shipping is fast!


  50. H***i

    came in a perfect sealed box. very strong suction removes white heads effectively. brought in INR 997/- Thank you to the store for shipping the product and delivery on time. i would recommend it to anyone who would like to buy.


  51. A***a

    Arrived in good condition. Haven’t tried if it works.


  52. Z***v

    Ordered 6.02, brought the courier 13.02. Very quickly in the ECB. Thank you! I will check the goods for my wife


  53. L***s

    I buy pre-satisfied! Little minus on the device itself, I can not hide to kintsya scream. All right, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right. Uncle.


  54. S***r

    The package has came intact and packed well. Perfect blackhead remover really I wasn’t expected these great result.


  55. J***z

    He arrived sooner than expected and arrived in perfect condition. I still don’t know where they put the sponges they bring, I guess it’ll be to cover up the suction hole so it doesn’t get in dirt. When I try, I’ll discuss how my experience is.


  56. K***h

    thank you very much store… the item arrived in just 8 days after I ordered it. I was very surprised as to how good this item works. I love it so much…I recommend the seller and this item..


  57. Customer

    Fast shipping to US. Good device!


  58. J***o

    Brought by courier in a week and a half after the order. Pulls well, the packaging is whole, the device itself is very cute in appearance.


  59. U***r

    This actually works sooo well!! I didn’t even know I had all that in my skin until I tried it. Definitely recommend.


  60. A***s

    Well packed and complete. It has three speeds


  61. P***k

    All as in the description. Works, but read the instructions! Better for oily skin, but the 1st mode is very gentle, so it is suitable for anyone. Again read the instructions. The order went a little more than a month to Belarus.


  62. P***r

    Arrived quite fast. But the box arrived spoiled. Product works 🙂


  63. M***a

    Excellent thing, cleaned after steaming, excellent result


  64. L***c

    It is very good and high quality


  65. M***z

    Well packed I haven’t opened it but I’ll try it this weekend


  66. P***

    Works really well. Very powerful setting options and is easy to use. Fast shipping as well.


  67. V***s

    Arrived, good quality! But I want more power!) the courier brought home.


  68. M***a

    I am very satisfied


  69. C***z

    This all, the 5 nozzles, the cable, and I think it’s sponges there are 5, the package took me long to arrive but because of my country’s post office, because in less than 1 month this ba and another one was delayed by post.


  70. Customer

    Love this product. It’s become a staple in my skincare routine.


  71. N***a

    Ordered 10.01. received 03.02. In St. Petersburg. Given the Chinese New Year-fast enough. Everything works, shines red, blue, green, 5 levels, at each level there are still levels with different light and power. Pulls hard, very good! Thank you. I recommend.


  72. N***a

    Thing excellent cleans pores perfectly recommend


  73. O***o

    works good!


  74. D***B

    Product complies with the description. Działai is tested. After the first use all wporzadku, meets your function.


  75. A***l

    Perfect, works great


  76. F***o

    It’s pretty good.


  77. B***i

    perfect cleaner blackhead remover


  78. E***a

    Detailed saw overview see in the profile Instagram @ alilovesfamily-AliExpress for the whole family! Promotional codes and discounts, unpacking!! Now by product: ⠀ This device is at the highest level! Charges through the wire, has a lot of replaceable attachments for, say, different areas on the face. 3 Levels of suction power. ⠀ Separately, it should be mentioned packing as if I received a new phone! Look at storis! ⠀ Nothing was wrinkled. Delivery by Courier (surprised)) ⠀ I use as follows: Pre-steam the skin, clean the pores with the device, then use peeling. The result pleases me! I did not regret what I bought. Important! Drive the cleaner smoothly, up/down, without breaking sharply from the surface of the skin.


  79. J***o

    Easy to use, amazing results!


  80. A***k

    Came the goods, excellent, the package is not crumpled, even charged


  81. J***a

    Very fast shipping from Belgium to CZE. Product seems to be high quality, suction power is really high. After use I will add better review.


  82. Customer

    Very well packaged works very well I am very satisfied with this order and I recommend it


  83. N***n

    Delivery is fast from Russia. Seller 5


  84. R***o

    Very good product meets the description of the product the box arrived a little exhausted but from there everything good.


  85. L***l

    It’s come to Me in almost a month but it works well uwu


  86. M***n

    Stukovina arrived in 4 days from Moscow to Moscow in fact)) tested 3 days. Sucks very well, accidentally left a long suction through the floor of the cheek))) be careful! Drive on wet skin, do not press them on the skin, and as if sit, lift and lead on it. The battery feels enough for a very long time from one charge. Absorption of fat deposits, sebum. Deep black dots do not take. Don’t try to suck pimples! If they suck, everything will be in the blood and suction at the place of the pimple.


  87. N***a

    Just super, I really liked it and fast delivery


  88. T***a

    Pretty fast delivery, the goods went 17 days to Chelyabinsk. The box was a little wrinkled, but the unit itself was not damaged, the smell had no, even was charged, which allowed it to be immediately tested. Inside there were also 4 nozzles, a charger, additional fleece and elastic bands and instructions (though only in English). Expected a little more, perhaps you need to very well and long to steam the skin to clean everything. On the nozzle there was dirt, but completely the pores did not clean even on 5 modes. Rather, it is more suitable for normal or combination skin, but with heavily clogged pores it can not cope.


  89. R***r

    The thing is cool, but dangerous. You need to be careful with speeds and not get carried away. I send the photo first with a clean nozzle, and then three dirty used. And it’s at first speed. I tried the third speed on my chin and put suckers. I will always use, but at the first only speed. The order came in a week and a half. Includes 4 nozzles, additional rubber bands and sponges for nozzles. Thank you. At least not broke


  90. J***s

    Works great. Sucks pores and degreases ..


  91. D***v

    Just got it today at the post. Didnt test it yet on the face, but tried the suction on my hand, it is very strong, a lot stronger than the other one i had, so im very happy with that. Cant wait to try it out on the face soon. Packaging is nice – a small compact box, like an iphone. Thanks!


  92. S***k

    All OK. Otrimano shvidko. Reviews for description


  93. G***G

    Super greitai atėjo, nekantrauju išbandyti. PA bandymo aprašysiu daugiau. Labai patenkinta pirkiniu. Turėjau kažką panašaus typewriter pasirodo neilgaamžis dalykas, be baterijų. O čia Dar IR Su USB tikiuosi ilgai tarnaus.


  94. H***d

    55 days to KSA, evaluation after using


  95. U***r

    Thanks a lot.


  96. G***r

    Everything like described, very good suctioning power


  97. B***d

    Took 12 days to receive, fastest I’ve seen in AliExpress. I took a hit shower and tried on my nose after but was very drying so but some moisturizer before proceeding. While maybe some of the stuff the machine extracted might be from the moisturizer, my pores look very clean now. Can’t wait to see my nose skin tomorrow. Very satisfied 🙂


  98. A***H

    The appliance and accessories correspond to the description and appear to be well made. I only carried out tests but a guide for correct use is missing.


  99. C***G

    For national shipping it took 8 days


  100. K***a

    Zajebiste device! Works like please, robiłam test for mid nose, results are. Super super super. Nice package and in it different tip, charging cable, set removable filterków. Pack well secured for shipping. No what wonder over buying U this store! Pack dotarła in 2 weeks 🙂 sincerely recommend 🙂 my one with better purchasing on Ali


  101. S***z

    It took a little while to get here, the packaging is perfect. I ‘ve turned it on and it works. I haven’t used it yet.


  102. V***a

    The goods came quickly. In action I tried and did not understand whether it works or not, I’ll try to use it after the bath, later I’ll add a tip.


  103. K***e

    great product, easily gets rid of blackheads


  104. M***k

    Thought stainless has higher power but overall even cool image


  105. M***z

    Looks good I have to try it I will leave additional comments I arrive very fast


  106. M***

    I received my order in 8 days. Thank you very much, My order is very good and well packaged. I’m very happy for you. Very recommended store.


  107. A***a

    All OK, arrived in less than a month


  108. K***a

    Very fast shipping! Thank you!


  109. S***a

    Well packed, I’m fast, I haven’t tried it yet


  110. P***o

    It has come to me very well and sooner than expected, I still have to try it but I’m glad to have it already


  111. A***z

    The order arrived protected by the box; it has a battery charge; A test is missing to know its extraction capacity, according to its purpose. Thank you.


  112. A***y

    Thanks store !!! This is the best buy for my face. Sorry for disgusting pics but i would like to show u how perfect this blackhead remover is. I have really oily face and this really helps. After 10 minutes my face looks little bit red but it doesnt hurt. Tomorrow it will be excellent! 5*


  113. T***a

    Good thing. But, to use only with a parted face, otherwise there will be no result! I would like a little more powerful, because my deeply clogged pores on the nose even in a steamed form do not want to clean. In general, satisfied.


  114. Customer

    Fast shipping, works great


  115. K***i

    Fast delivery. Works well.


  116. I***k

    thank you


  117. J***a

    thank you, everything is perfectly fine. Fast delivery. Everything perfect. Thank you


  118. L***i



  119. D***m

    Works as expected. The free shipping from the US was very fast. Package was not damaged.


  120. N***

    I’m very happy I give you five stars it takes 1 week right and I ‘ve tried thank you very much


  121. M***a

    As described and well packed. Lack experience.


  122. Customer

    Super! Delivery in 5 days by courier to the door the box is not crumpled, all whole and working! Already had time to try and yes, leaves bruises, although I drove them on dry unprepared skin, already gathered some dirt from the pores! I’m very happy


  123. N***e

    The color does not correspond to the item


  124. A***a

    great, delivered in 10 days to Austria.


  125. M***n

    I am happy works very well recommended this store the price is reasonable


  126. U***a

    Delivery was quick. And I think it’s very helpful I’m sure multiple usage will give great results. So far it’s good.


  127. A***n

    Shipping arrived quickly and Looks very quality


  128. I***i

    Delivery-fire! Packing-class! The case is not yet tested. Seller-!!!


  129. G***l

    Outstanding Product arrived in little time in Italy excellent packing easy using with instructions. The food steamer starts working DOP about one minute…. Has excellent and works well… Satisfied at most


  130. A***v

    All Super, all perfect. Am See satisfied.


  131. A***v

    Arrived in 32 days in Biysk in a slightly crumpled box… my friend liked it! Shop advise!


  132. M***r

    totally in love with this thing!


  133. A***o

    I love it, I apologize to the store since I was told I had received the product, I wrote and replied quickly thank you I recommend this shop and this seller, I apologize regards friend


  134. L***a

    I’m delighted, a cool device. Packed just super, neatly beautiful. Fast shipping. I recommend the store everything is great!!!


  135. A***k

    Otrimav shvidko. Відповідає опису. Uncle.


  136. L***k

    Відповідає опису. Great shvidko. Uncle.


  137. W***w

    Fast delivery, super product recommend


  138. Y***r

    I like this.


  139. F***r

    Frankly I was super afraid it does not work but I’m shocked I already have at least five girlfriends who order it. Nn honestly I recommend for real it’s not even a scam like really bad we can not put video I would have shown you what came out of my face. It arrived not even a week


  140. M***n

    The goods received on time, without any delay, by courier.


  141. Customer

    He sucks great!


  142. J***a

    A nugget this thing, if you hesitate go for it! I did not think it would work so much, for years I have plenty of black dots on my nose so I thought why not try and see the price was tempting! I thought it would hurt, that it was not going to suck well but I was wrong, it does not hurt at all except if you leave more than a few seconds in the same place, I did a steam bath just before for 10min (I advise you to open your pores well before), And I started sucking and I’m delighted! I used the end cap! The delivery was super fast, I was able to choose delivery from france without shipping costs, I ordered January 1 and I received it today on January 8 I never received a product so fast! The only small defect I can find is that there is no light that shows that the device is loaded or is charging!


  143. A***u

    No words for 12 days the parcel was with me)), I was waiting for the parcel as much as 3.2.2020)) just super, infected everything in place, the package is not damaged. The store is just fire. Take it will not regret))


  144. D***o

    Delivery 3 weeks. Works, my pores cleaned, but my husband’s pores from the first time could not)


  145. Customer

    Received less than a week. Ordered from US. So far so good. Will update again once used


  146. M***l

    Pretty quickly got DP Penza, 3 weeks, the packaging is quality, there is no smell, the plastic is good, there are even spare filters, five modes work for Hurray!


  147. M***r

    The packaging is well-done. The product is exactly as shown. Definitely recommend it. Bravo


  148. C***o

    Excellent product quality, works perfectly and comes beautifully packaged.


  149. C***n

    Item does as expected but not quite strong enough. There’s a lot of poking with a needle to actually loosen the black heads to get the suction to work. All in all it does work but could be stronger.


  150. F***o

    I have not used yet but it looks cool Very fast delivery


  151. K***s

    Love it


  152. T***i

    It really work! Very good quality


  153. S***d

    Suction at speed 1 already powerful.


  154. F***r

    Excellent product I would definitely recommend!!


  155. S***k

    Otrimav shvidko. Start by researching the description, not overloading.


  156. S***k

    Otrimano shvidko. Відповідає опису. Leave and do not overdo it.


  157. S***k

    Відповідає опису. Otrimano shvidko. Don’t call. Not overweight.


  158. Customer

    Shipping to Spain was very fast. The product is very good. Lots of suction force. You have to be careful with the heads because they can curl the skin. Leaves skin very clean and pores smaller.


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    Thanks to the store, the goods are packed well, everything is safe and sound. Delivery within a month, tracked. Everything works and corresponds to the description.


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    Omg this product is the best!!! I give to my boyfriend for Christmas present, and he love it !!! The best 100%


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    Super fast delivery, Courier


  162. Customer

    Very happy, it’s exactly the same as described, I ordered two units and both have arrived in perfect condition and in estimated delivery time, both appliances are very elegant and practical, I haven’t tried it yet but it has enough strength to perform its function properly, By putting a stick the microdermoabrasion accessory is very soft, but to do a deep cleaning at home is more than enough. I’m delighted with the product!


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    Received late and damaged coli


  164. Customer

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  166. Customer

    I loved it! The only thing that doesn’t have much suction, but it’s true that I haven’t tried it yet so I’ll say the result much s thanks the shipping it was super fast didn’t take month two weeks roughly thanks


  167. I***s

    Product quickly reached 20.50 tl tax room.


  168. A***a

    Thanks to the store) packed was excellent, nothing was wrinkled all intact. Instruction in English only, the device came charged. With its task copes well, but with a steamed face I think perfectly. Delivery to the Samara region about about a month


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    Delivery by courier to the door. Not very powerful. Complete set. No complaints about work


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    The goods bought for a cent, the delivery is fast, thanks to the store


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    Really good product ! Really remove black and white head as well as oil ! Love it


  174. K***Y

    Arrived very quickly, consistent with the photo I would tell you if it works.


  175. A***n

    this is a good product. but I wish it came with some labels or directions. quite powerful. be careful using it as it may leave some spots or rings..


  176. A***b

    Very quickly came the goods (9 days). Everything is very well packed, the goods in perfect condition all works! I advise!)


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    all good, didnt tested yet


  181. Customer

    Great! He has arrived super soon to Spain! It really plays its role! You have to be careful because it can leave you brand but it gets a lot of fat out of your face! Compliant.


  182. G***i

    Arrived quick and works great. But needs to be careful when using to move it non stop so it does not suck up on one spot for too long, can damage the skin. Read or watch tutorial before using. Everything else is great product for the price.


  183. Customer

    I arrive in province in a month! All very well with the product.


  184. B***n

    Not received between the scheduled dates .. But I am very happy works very well the suction is very good I recommend the product


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    Very good pore cleaner, really works. First you need to steam your face. Vacuum is very strong even on the first mode, with sloppy use leaves bruises. Seller recommend


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    Pore vacuum cleanser sounds like another crazy K-beauty invention, doesn’t it? If you have been dreaming of smooth, blackhead-free skin for a long time now, this crazy-sounding tool is the answer to your prayers! A pore vacuum cleanser works like a typical vacuum cleaner. It suctions out all the dirt and impurities clogging your skin pores. It is the most popular beauty gadget people are going gaga over, and it definitely lives up to the hype. Too good to be true? Why don’t you give it a try?


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    Received it in nice packaging. No extended user guide but all you can find inline. I just tried it on ‘clean’ skin after shower… IT WORKS. See picture.


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  198. S***s

    At first it didn’t have much suction at all. it worked, yes, but didn’t feel like it was really getting things out. I dont know what happened but after a bit over a handful of uses the suction increased dramatically. Now it’s like a game to see how much stuff comes out of the pores on my nose. I have been shocked at the end of my session some times lol I chose the American distributor so my pore vacuum arrived the next week via USPS.


  199. J***s

    It arrived in about 3 weeks, I still don’t use it.


  200. A***o

    Well wrapped, in good condition, meets what the ad says, and arrived on time 🙂


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    Very fast delivery 8 days thank you very good product


  202. Customer

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    Item is just as described. Haven’t used it yet


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    Good Product; Perhaps not strong vacuum suction. Thank you!


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    arrived damaged


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  211. Customer



  212. B***k

    There was no English instructions in the box, but it is easy to operate and do the job fine.


  213. I***v

    All OK. It looks really good.


  214. Customer

    Great quality, just need to charge it before use. Actually gets the job done may post pictures later


  215. M***s

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  216. J***k

    Express shipping recommend


  217. Customer

    Ordered 11.11 to Lithuania came 11.27. The packaging is a little wrinkled, but the product itself is OK. Works great. I am very happy with the purchase, I recommend!!!


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  219. Customer

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  220. Customer

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    really nice. not as powerful for the powerful type. came with plenty of filters and prongs. great store


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    The product is arriving quickly! Missing more than testing! I will leave an opinion after trying it


  226. T***l

    need to state hard plastic tips. would rather be silicone


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    I really didn’t expect this product to work as well as how it works. I’m delighted with the cleaning you ‘ve done on my face. Fully recommended.


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    Przyłożyłam for case for Palm, for 3 level collects best.


  229. B***t

    Thank you super good quality.


  230. S***r

    The article came to me in a week, the suction force is not strong enough to take out black dots as it says if it does in the box but if you remove the greasy from the skin and have three levels, it came to me complete with your spare parts.


  231. S***o

    I ordered it 11.11 and 20.11, fast delivery very well packed. The product is such that the description works perfectly I just tested it at maximum power and removes quite a lot of dirt, i’m very happy with the order.


  232. C***J

    It’s only taken 6 days to arrive, everything came right I put it up a bit and used it and as you can see in one of the photos, he cleaned me up a lot. For now happy, we’ll see how long it lasts. In principle I do recommend it.


  233. F***r

    Super fast delivery in UK .I got my stuff within 7 days!! item is really nice and it works.! I’ll give further information after using it properly … thanks to the store for keeping the service very good…⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


  234. E***a

    It took me 8 days to arrive, well packed and sealed, it works properly and has a good supposition. Comes with cable to charge and spare parts of the drip that makes everything well sealed so that the be effective.


  235. M***B

    I received my package very quickly 1/2 weeks. The product complies with the description. (To turn it off you have to press the button for a long time) I have not tried it suddenly I wait before judging its effectiveness.


  236. B***A

    The vaccum is very powerful. it is very easy to cause small bruises on your face if you are not careful, but if you use it with care, the result are great. It is best to use it after a long, hot shower or if you prepare your face with a steam bath beforehand


  237. P***r

    Very accurate. However, if you have deep deep black heads I would not recommend this product. It is more for pimples and light black heads. Cleans my face amazingly though. 10/10 will come again.


  238. F***l

    Product complies with the description and in addition its top market


  239. M***i

    Super fast shipping took 8 days to arrive. I arrive in perfect condition and it’s what it looks like in the pictures. The product is good, but it does not remove black dots. I expected a little more.


  240. A***v

    First, I want to say that the delivery was mega fast. 7.11 was ordered and already 11.11 it was delivered by IML Courier. On the very product I want to say that it sucks very much, even at the minimum speed I managed to make myself a small bruise. But with black dots it’s not that simple. Even on a well-carried face, he removed not everything, but only the smallest. The truth in the instruction is written that it is necessary to do a mask before using the device, maybe because of the toggle that did not do-not particularly effective


  241. C***y

    Works great, sucks hard, gets everything out if the skin. Just don’t keep it for longer than a second on one spot and keep it moving itherwise you get bruising, but that ibly means it sucks the gunk good


  242. C***a

    exactly as described … it does it’s job excellent


  243. R***n

    Package came a little damaged, product doesn’t seem to be damaged


  244. S***s

    The product is great! The shoot seems powerless at first, but when you try, you understand how it is, you have to use it very carefully. I was very pleased. The store responds to the relevant messages immediately. You needn’t doubt it!


  245. V***s

    I think the machine is not strong enough. The shipping was very fast


  246. T***n

    Came fast. Minimal direction , works very well


  247. P***o

    I ‘ve received it in less than 3 weeks to Peru. It works fine, I try it a little bit and I’m satisfied.


  248. D***a

    It works very well, you must first learn how to use it, don’t use it for very long periods of time!


  249. E***e

    I received the package everything is fine I will try


  250. C***r

    All right in your box, all right I turned it on and it was battery-powered, you’ll have to spend to reload it. I guess. And now you have to try it after the shower!


  251. E***y

    Well packed remains to prove it otherwise, perfect


  252. J***y

    works fine. it is not amazing but fine.


  253. A***a

    Received very quickly well packaged package


  254. G***t

    The product has reached my hand in 1 month. Vacuum gucu good Cokomel minister in Turkey has increased taxes. 20 tl customs tax given


  255. M***

    The product has arrived in six weeks. There was a small problem with the carrier and the store contacted me to fix it. They ‘ve been very professional. I hope it works, I’ll try it when I have time.


  256. J***l

    Extremely fast shipping!


  257. Customer

    Fast shipping, took a week to arrive from Spain. Box in perfect condition, comes with charging cable and multitude of accessories. It absorbs very well and I recommend not to leave time in one place, but to move it.


  258. A***.

    Totally matches the description. Works great. Oddly an unknown hair at the opening of the box (yet vacuum packed). Product arrived quickly 1 week.


  259. F***s

    Arrived well packaged, quite quickly. Tested and it works on the other hand for the biggest blackheads is more complicated.


  260. Customer

    Parcel well received, more than tested


  261. A***r

    Products received after 3 weeks I recommend


  262. Customer

    Received in 1 week, compliant product


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    It came in 3 days! It’s perfect


  264. M***a

    I absolutely love it , it arrived earlier than the due date . Still waiting to use it as it is charging, I will leave another comment after use .


  265. N***Q

    I haven’t tested it yet because the device is downloaded but it seems to meet the features that describe it. The product came too fast.


  266. D***l

    The product works, arrived fast and in good condition


  267. V***o

    It came through 17 D., quickly did not expect. Packing is not much wrinkled, did not stay yet.


  268. M***k

    All nice and carefully packed. Manual rear box English. However, a little slightly sucking, a long can not hold in one place. Wish too, that no information which tip for what face party suitable best. I will still use and I will update.


  269. M***h

    it’s good product and it’s working fine soory for the picture


  270. Customer

    Rapidissimo! I was surprised i asked for it on monday the 7th, and i arrived on wednesday the 9th, to the morana. The box very well, not a scratch. I haven’t tried it yet, i’ll leave comments later!


  271. D***a

    Arrived Velocissimo can’t wait to try it. is like in the picture. Thank you store.


  272. T***t

    Comes exactly as seen. Suction bruised my face though.


  273. V***a

    Fast shipping parcel. Good and quality goods. I’ll test.


  274. G***o

    It works. It’s good.


  275. L***z

    Came very quick, recommend the store. However, box was a bit smashed.


  276. R***z

    The truth is, i’m very happy with the product. I didn’t expect that result but i’m honestly very happy. It really works and gets the black dots right, it’s a little invasive treatment since it sucks your skin and can leave you some other bruise, but clean very well. He arrived super soon.


  277. U***r

    Product arrived quickly, looks just like the picture and works well


  278. Customer

    The goods went a week. delivery by courier. the box was slightly wrinkled, but in general in good condition. The device was discharged, charged for a short time. in the set, the device itself, 5 nozzles, a usb wire, sponges and rubber bands on the stock. instruction on the outside of the box. initially, when i tried the device (there was oil on the face), it seemed that the device does not suck at all, although it stands at the maximum. but then, when i removed the oil and changed the nozzle, the process went. The device sucks fat, but not black dots. and the worst thing is that i tried so hard to clean my face with this device that after the procedure i had 3 bruises… I put 4 only for not quite meeting expectations


  279. V***o

    Very well packaged. I haven’t tried it yet, i’m looking forward to it but it looks like it has the force sucking. The spray is, and it’s very good. It tells you at every point in your skin what moisture it has. I’m delighted


  280. Customer

    Product came very fast, in 12 days, works fine, but you need to be careful with the suction grade and time, not to cause bruises on your face with it.


  281. B***i

    THE product and excellent. THE packing not need be wrapped with bubble wrap, why the box is quite durable. Device and accessories in perfect condition… auditioned suction and the device delivers very well what reports do. Has 3 levels. Works perfectly. Super indicate this product. Famous Good, beautiful and cheap. With this free not paid postal order .. Want tips how to buy on AliExpress? Look our group on Facebook-SuperDicas OFFICIAL


  282. S***h

    To krasnoyarsk came in 16 days cool packaging did not crumple. everything works thanks to the store


  283. U***r

    Works great, fast shipping


  284. R***.

    Works wonderfully. thank you 🙂


  285. P***p

    Wow, i had 0 faith in the product and it freaked me out. Take a lot of crap off your face and it’s amazing. It hurts a little and leaves the skin red but it’s normal, it’s sucking it out.